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Liaoning Jingu carbon material Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoyang National aromatic hydrocarbons and Fine Chemical High-tech industrialization Base, Established by Liaoyang Jingu carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd in 2010, The enterprise covers an area of 40 mu and a workshop area of 10,000 square meters, Assembled with PAN-based, viscose-based carbon felt, graphite felt continuous production line, PAN-based, viscose-based cured graphite felt production equipment, with large-scale graphitization equipment.

Liaoning Jingu carbon material Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, enterprises have inventions, utility model patents, products have their own intellectual property rights. The company developed PAN-based oxide wire series of carbon felt, graphite felt, viscose-based series of carbon felt, graphite felt products, Widely used in heat treatment, cemented carbide, photovoltaic solar energy and other industries, used in metal vacuum heat treatment furnace, cemented carbide sintering furnace, Polysilicon casting furnace, monocrystalline silicon casting furnace and other equipment insulation materials. Over the years, the company is committed to the research and manufacture of carbon fiber insulation materials, adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, service, creating value for customers", bringing together high-end talents. Manufacturing high-end products, service high-end customers, strive to become a well-known carbon fiber application development enterprises.

Quality First,Consumers Supreme

Corporate Culture

Over the past two decades, the company has developed and gradually formed a "people-oriented, honest, pragmatic and innovative" corporate culture system. With the continuous development and growth of the company, And the precipitation of technology and experience over the past two decades, the continuous maturation of the process, the continuous renewal of the equipment, In the upcoming rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry occupies a place.

Our company's every batch of products are strictly in accordance with the production process requirements, after the product comes out by the quality department strictly according to the requirements of the quality inspection, After qualified to fill in the certificate, seal before packing factory, quality problems return insurance exchange.

Distribution Network

Perfect management system is the guarantee that we provide high-quality products for our customers. Our company has established a wide range of enterprises at home and abroad. Long-term production and technical cooperation, generally won the praise and trust of customers.

Customers have all over the country (except Tibet) and Taiwan, Asia, Europe and the United States and other places. With the aim of "quality first, customer first", the enterprise continuously develops valuable products with excellent performance, and unites with each other. Sincerely cooperate with the outside world, wholeheartedly serve for the user, welcome to come letter to negotiate business.

Use and characteristics of the main products

Vacuum furnace heating chamber assembly: vacuum resistance, induction, sintering, isostatic pressure, high flow rate and other types of vacuum heating chamber can be produced according to the drawing requirements of various manufacturers.

Shaped carbon fiber composites: This product is based on PAN carbon felt as a basic material, with graphite paper, A new type of heat insulation material made of carbon cloth made of high residual carbon binder by special technology. It is characterized by smooth surface, a certain degree of compression, bending strength, resistance to air erosion, no hair, There is also no short fiber flying, strong anti-radiation capacity, can replace all kinds of imported vacuum furnace heat insulation materials, Especially suitable for pressure sintering furnace, vacuum high pressure, high flow rate gas quenching furnace, vacuum Carburizing furnace. Is the pressure sintering furnace sintering, vacuum high-temperature ceramic sintering and other industries to replace products. Can provide flat plate, cylinder, square tube, special shape and other shapes, long service life, easy to install. It is an ideal heat insulation material for various vacuum furnaces.

PAN-based carbon felt and graphite felt: Mainly used in all kinds of vacuum furnace heating chamber insulation materials.

PAN carbon and graphite cloth: Mainly used in all kinds of vacuum furnace heaters, tantalum and niobium smelting furnace insulation.

Viscose-based carbon felt and graphite felt: Its thermal insulation performance is superior to that of PAN-based carbon felt and graphite felt.

Solidified graphite felt: Suitable for vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, pressurized vacuum sintering furnace, single crystal silicon furnace, polysilicon furnace, silicon carbide recrystallization furnace, etc.

Carbon rope: It is mainly used for sewing and fixing the carbon felt or carbon cloth of the heating chamber.

Flow Battery Electrode Graphite Felt: This product is a graphite felt electrode material for all vanadium redox flow battery electrodes. It has small internal resistance of the stack, good electrochemical activity and uniformity in the use of all vanadium redox flow battery electrode materials. Good corrosion performance, reduced electrical cycle attenuation, and high energy efficiency.

Asphalt-based curing graphite felt: This product is made of asphalt carbon fiber felt hardening composite treatment, especially suitable for special ceramic sintering furnace and graphite purification furnace with temperature up to 3000 degrees.

PAN-based monolithic graphite felt: Characterized by low density, good thermal insulation, good dimensional stability, no delamination, cracking, shedding and other phenomena in use, it is especially suitable for single-crystal silicon drawing furnaces. Polysilicon ingot furnace insulation materials need to be machined for use.

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