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Liaoning Jingu carbon material application-Dalian constant current all vanadium redox flow battery e

Rongke power

Our company specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality graphite felt for electrode materials in liquid flow batteries. We are honored to be designated as the sole supplier of graphite felt for the famous Dalian constant current all vanadium redox flow battery energy storage station (200MW/800MWH).

Liaoning Jingu carbon material application-Xinjiang Regulatory

Xinjiang Regulatory

The 7.5MW/22.5MWH energy storage project is one of the first pilot projects of photovoltaic energy storage power stations carried out by the Xinjiang Regulatory Office of the National Energy Administration of the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission on the power generation side of the four prefectures in southern Xinjiang. The energy storage power station adopts all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology, with a total capacity of 7.5MW/22.5MWH and a battery service life of 15 years. It is the only power station among the first pilot photovoltaic energy storage projects in Xinjiang that adopts all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology.

Liaoning Jingu carbon material application-Big Pawer

Big Pawer

The new generation of 10kW and 35kW fuel cells both use Liaoning Jingu graphite felt and assembled batteries. At a current density of 200mA/cm2, the energy efficiency of the batteries is ≥ 80%, and the testing is stable.

And in the completed 10kW2h vanadium battery commercial system, 70kW2h vanadium battery system, and 125kW4h vanadium battery system, Liaoning Jingu graphite felt was used in the battery stack, which has good system performance and stable operation.

Liaoning Jingu carbon material application-Shanghai Electric

Shanghai Electric

Participated in the collaboration between BrightSource and Shanghai Electric to develop the Yellow River Hydroelectric Vanadium Current Battery Power Generation Project, with a project specification of 1MW/5MWh energy storage system 8 * 40 foot ESS container+1 * 40 foot BMS container+2 * 500kW units. The vanadium current battery system plays a role in peak shaving and frequency regulation in wind power plants, ensuring stable and high-quality power output, reducing the impact on the national power grid, and also reducing the curtailment rate of wind power.

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