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Graphite feltfor electrode of liquid flowbattery


Graphite feltfor electrode of liquid flowbattery


This product is a special graphite feltelectrode material forflow battery according to the different performance requirementsof differentflow battery on the electrode graphite felt. The basic processincludesnon-spinning needle, carbonization, graphitization, and so on, whichis made ofspecial graphite felt electrode material for liquid flow battery byusingdifferent processing technology, which is not spinning needle,carbonization,graphitization, and so on. In the process of fiber surfacepost-treatment, theproduct has the characteristics of flat felt, uniformthickness, uniformelectrochemical performance and so on. It has been widelyused in all-vanadiumflow battery electrode materials at present. The electrodematerial of the newbromine flow battery and zinc air (zinc oxide flow batteryelectrode material)have the characteristics of small internal resistance, goodelectrochemicalactivity and uniformity, good corrosion resistance, low cycleattenuation andhigh energy efficiency of the stack.

Product parameters

Specifications and models

stock   size







maximum   dimensions








Tailoring   to customer requirement

Technical indicators andparameters

carbon content /%


ash   specification /%


volume density /(g/cm3)


specific   surface /(m2/g)


Felt stripping rate /(g/ Gram felt)


oxygenation   efficiency /( Weight    loss / hour @ 600 air)


porosity /%


Surface resistance / (Ω/cm²)


Performance curve of all vanadium flow battery

Exploration of activation mechanism (effect of active functional groups)

Exploration of activation mechanism (micro surface area image)

Electron micrograph of graphite felt for battery electrode

Professional team and technical support

The company has a perfect vanadium battery detection system. The detection instrument tests the performance of graphitized battery felt by simulating the working principle of large battery energy storage equipment. At the same time, through further modification of the graphite felt, the energy efficiency is improved. When the current density is 100mA / cm2, the energy efficiency is greater than 85%; when the current density is 120mA / cm2, the energy efficiency is greater than 84%; when the current density is 160mA / cm2, the energy efficiency is greater than 85% The main technical parameters are coulomb efficiency, energy efficiency, voltage efficiency, etc.

Packaging and transportation

Package: woven bag packing

Mode of transport: auto logisticsorexpress delivery

matters need attention

Transport, storage can not beheavypressure, moisture-proof, can be cut on demand.

In the early stage of product development, we conducted extensive research on the graphite felt for flow battery electrode used in the market. According to the feedback information from customers, we determined that the graphite felt for flow battery electrode provided in the market in the past were all heat insulation materials transplanted for flow battery electrode materials. There was no targeted development of this product, and the common problem was poor electrochemical activity , has become the main factor affecting the energy efficiency of the stack, that is, the electrochemical activity is the short board restricting the energy efficiency. Based on this, we focus on improving the electrochemical activity of the battery electrode graphite felt products when we do process development. From the current results, the electrochemical activity of the products produced by the new development process should be very good, and our customer base is Dalian Chemical The 10kW stack assembled by Professor Zhang Huamin of the Institute of chemical materials uses this electrode graphite felt. In sulfuric acid single acid system, the energy efficiency is more than 80% under the current density of 295ma / cm2. Dalian Rongke uses the 8kw stack assembled by this electrode graphite felt to use in mixed acid system, and the energy efficiency is more than 80% under the current density of 240mA / cm2 At 160mA / cm2 current density, the energy efficiency of 31.5kw stack is more than 81%. At present, our product customers include Dalian Rongke's 200MW, 800mwh demonstration project and the stack provided by Dalian Rongke for uet of the United States; Shanghai Electric, State Grid Nari, Dali electric, Chaoyang Huading, Hunan devop and other companies in China have all adopted our electrode graphite felt to develop new flow battery stack type, and the current density of the new stack has been greatly improved.

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